Habitat homes offer new beginning for Fayetteville victims of recent hurricanes

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— Some victims of Hurricanes Matthew, Florence and Michael are finally closer to moving into a new home. Construction is underway at a new Habitat for Humanity community in Fayetteville off Old Bunce Road.

Foundations are poured at Oakridge Estates, where Fayetteville Habitat for Humanity is building 47 homes, 15 of them will be for families impacted by the hurricanes dating back to Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Brandon Price, of Fayetteville Habitat for Humanity, said, “A number of the families that are moving into Oakridge Estates have been impacted by a hurricane – either Matthew, Florence or Michael. The devastation that took place in our community is something we haven’t seen before.”

Roberta Pickett can’t believe her eyes. The house being built on lot 24 is going to be hers. Three years ago, she was flooded out by Hurricane Matthew.

“When the water came through the ground, it came through my walls into the basement,” Pickett said. “I woke up and stepped into water. We were all flooded out. It was me and my granddaughter.”

Habitat says the homes being built here will bring new life to the community.

“We’re not just out here throwing up houses,” Price said. “These individual families are partnering with us and coming in and changing what the reputation of this community used to be.”

Pickett said, ” I’m excited. I’m really ready. I’ve met a lot of people that are going to be in this community, and I don’t know a lot of people here in Fayetteville, so it’s going to be a real exciting thing for me to be able to have my own home.”

The homes are springing up pretty quickly. Pickett was told her home may be ready for her to move in by November.