Water unexpectedly flooding yards in Harrisburg

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Water gushes into a Kensington Forest neighborhood in Harrisburg.

It shouldn’t be that way,  but I lived long enough to know things got to be straightened up, one way or another, said Thomas Edward. 

I wouldn’t say it’s unsafe, but it could potentially ruin our homes. said Tate Burgess.

The problem — water coming off Rocky River Road and the neighboring development pour into their backyards causing them to flood.

My biggest concern is that these drains were made for our yard only, not the roadways or other neighborhoods. All that water from the neighborhood and the streets is coming to his yard and it can’t hold that capacity, said Burgess,

The two said NCDOT tried to come fix the problem last week but it didn’t help.

They came out and addressed the ditch or where the water was coming from last Thursday. What they did is they basically took a backhoe and cleaned out debris which just lets more water come from the road to his backyard. said Burgess. By them coming out here they are admitting there is a problem because otherwise they wouldn’t come address it, he added, 

They are hoping a better solution is in the works. In the meantime, the two will be on alert for anytime heavy rain is predicted, even if it ruins their plans.

Last night, I went a birthday, my birthday, and it started raining so hard I ouldn’t really enjoy, said Edward.