Millions in the Carolinas prepare for Hurricane Dorian

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Saturday’s change in forecast dramatically increases the chances Georgia and the Carolinas end up in Dorian’s path. No state is out of the woods as the storm continues to move.

As the southeast braces for Dorian, airlines are also keeping an eye on its track. American Air warns some airports in Georgia, North and South Carolina may be added to the current travel alert. 

It’s stirring up stress for many travelers, making a mess of Labor Day weekend travel plans. 

At least seven airlines are offering travel waivers for those who were heading to the areas impacted, those people can re-book without being charged a fee.

FEMA officials are now warning people in Georgia, North and South Carolina to start preparing for the storm.

In South Carolina and coastal counties in Georgia, emergency officials getting resources ready before the storm strikes. In Wilmington, the line for gas wrapped around the store and in Charleston, the race is on to stock up on water and food.

“The traffic in the grocery store has picked up a good bit,” one woman told an NBC reporter. “My husband bought some water this morning and said it looked like they were already raiding the shelves.”

Governor Cooper is urging people to take this storm seriously and get prepared, the state under a State of Emergency. South Carolina is also under a State of Emergency, and the city of Charleston declared one as well. 

Back in Charlotte, volunteers with the Red Cross have already mobilized and the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team’s Mobile Ministry is on standby.