Residents on the coast brace for impacts from Hurricane Dorian

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Residents pick up supplies to board up their windows ahead of Hurricane Dorian. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — People all along our coast are flocking to the store today to stock up on supplies to hold down the fort as Hurricane Dorian gets closer.

The manager at Lowe’s told me they actually had people lined up when they opened Monday morning to pick up a generator.

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People say this year, they’re being proactive.

“Yeah we’re not going to take any chances,” Chris Bailey, who’s home was damaged during Hurricane Florence, said

Hundreds spent their Labor Day at the store grabbing everything they need to weather storm.

“The same old routine,” shopper Bobby Jordan said. “Stock up on food water and get yourself a generator in case your power goes out.”

“We’re going to board up all the balcony areas that leaked last time,” Bailey said.

This isn’t Bailey’s first hurricane.

“We actually got flooding up to our porch,” he said.

Bailey’s downtown Wilmington home is still undergoing repairs from Florence. Dorian is now putting a wrench in those plans.

“Well I was planning on getting a new roof tomorrow,” he said. “We were scheduled to get one, but we have to postpone it unfortunately.”

Bailey says he’s taking all the precautions he can this time around. With tarps over the roof and windows and doors boarded up, Bailey says he’s going to hunker down and hope for the best.

“We’re going to stay this time,” he said. “We’re going to keep an eye on it up until the last minute and then we do have a place to go to until we need to.”

Bailey says he’s planning on heading out to get a generator too.

If you are thinking about getting a generator too, you’ll want to act fast.

Lowe’s on South College Road says they got a shipment of generators in Monday morning and at least half of them were gone by noon.