Residents across Galveston working to clean up

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– Residents across Galveston County have been dealing with flooded streets in the neighborhoods for the last several days.

Some spoke with FOX 26 and said they can’t wait until this all passes.

For the last several days, Moses Martinez and other Galveston residents have walked outside to see the streets in their neighborhood flooded.

“Had a lot of water go inside the house, but it’s not that much rain anymore,” Martinez told FOX 26’s Natalie Hee.

Martinez and his neighbors put up a makeshift roadblock Thursday to stop cars from speeding by and pushing more water inside their homes.

“Had to put all the cars inside and had to block the road because cars kept passing by really fast and all the water came inside,” Martinez said.

The flooding has disrupted the lives of thousands of people across the Greater Houston area.

“People can’t go to work, can’t get groceries, can’t go to school, can’t do nothing, pretty much. Just stay in your house. There’s nothing to do  just gotta wait it out,” Martinez said.

The flooding is bringing back horrific flashbacks of Hurricane Harvey.

“My PTSD starts kicking in. I feel like its Harvey all over. I see cars submerged in 6,7 feet of water. It’s scary. People are going to need a lot of help,” Cassie, a Dickinson resident said.

Those who’ve flooded before are keeping a close eye on nearby bayous and praying for the best.

Now that the water has receded, residents tell FOX 26 they can begin the cleanup process, which mostly includes getting rid of debris and trash that has washed up on their yards.