League City residents collect donations for Winnie

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– League City residents are rallying to help flood victims in Winnie by paying it forward after their city flooded during Hurricane Harvey.

League City dodged a bullet this time around when Imelda hit, but residents who flooded during Hurricane Harvey said they’ll never forget how outsiders helped them.

Now they are collecting donations for those devastated by flooding in Winnie.

“We just kicked into high gear right away,” Janice Hallisey, the League City mayor’s wife, said.

Hallisey rallied the community to collect supplies for flooding victims.

“I’m glad in this day and age that people still remember to send dog food and cat food and adult diapers and baby food,” Hallisey expressed.

After seeing images of the devastation in Winnie, she decided to return the favor for those who’d helped her when she flooded. A list of local businesses agreed to be dropoff locations for the donation drive.

“We just really feel like it is really our job to pay it forward—to gather what we can and give to the victims of Imelda,” Penny Brockway of Brockway Realty LLC said.

In addition to cleaning supplies and nonperishable food, they are asking that you donate can openers, water, anything to do with babies, toilet paper and pet food.

A list of items that they don’t want are bring furniture, shoes, clothing or money.