Enhanced risk of severe weather for parts of NC on Halloween

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In North Carolina, the transitional seasons of fall and spring are when we see those big temps swings.

We did start this month with a 100-degree day! Now, we are about to see another swing over the next couple of days. 80 degrees on Halloween, freezing temps by Sunday. And when we see those big shifts in an air mass, we usually get storms. Thursday will be one of those days.

Because of the possibility of severe weather, the SPC put us in a Category 3 of 5 (enhanced) Risk for severe storms on Halloween.

As the storms roll through, they will be damaging winds will be the main threat.

We may even see some severe weather in the storms popping ahead of the mainline. We also can’t rule out an isolated tornado, but the bigger threat will be the straight-line wind. As far as the timing goes…

Now this is just one model, and one model does not make a forecast. Several of the models are leaning toward a late evening or overnight passage of this line of storms. This is subject to change depending on the heating of the day and the frontal interaction with the mountains as it moves West to East. It’s something we will keep an eye on all day long and update as we get new data in. Thursday will be a very good day to stay Weather Aware.

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