Much Work Remains 1 Month After Tornadoes Tore Through Town, Many Still Waiting On Federal Funding

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One month has passed since 10 tornadoes struck nine North Texas cities. But in some locations it looks as if the twisters just hit yesterday.

CBS 11 News canvassed Dallas to get a glimpse at the work still needed in the city.

A tornado ripped through upwards of a 16 mile stretch throughout the city of Dallas and neighborhoods were flooded with workers repairing that which was torn apart.

In Northwest Dallas a pocket of homes damaged still much left to salvage. Marcus Capetillo is living in his home while it’s under repair. He says he has never experienced anything like this. And thanks to his insurance he’s able to get the repairs going.

“A lot of windows were broken. I’m still boarded up where part of the roof was taken out and there’s a lot of damage inside the house. So yeah that was enough destruction for me,” said Capetillo.

Dallas has agreed to pay $60 million in repairs but the tornadoes caused $2 billion in damage.

Many residents said they still don’t have answers regarding federal funding either.

CBS 11 viewer Leigh Taylor took this photo from the Crescent Court in Dallas on September 8, 2010.