'My homeland is burning'; Spurs player Patty Mills draws attention to Australian wildfires

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SAN ANTONIO — Spurs player Patty Mills is using his social media platforms to raise awareness of Australian wildfires.

On his Twitter feed are numerous posts pointing out various facts and consequences of the wildfires. He also points people to ways they can help the country in the battle against these fires. 

He told KENS 5 on Monday that he wished he could be back in Australia to help.

“As for Australia, it is still a matter of emergency. There is not really a chance for people to recover,” Mills said in an interview ahead of the Spurs game in San Antonio.  

This year’s wildfire season has been the worst in Australia’s history. There are currently more than 100 wildfires burning. Every state in Australia has experienced wildfires this season, but New South Wales has been hit the worst. Ecologists have estimated that about 480 million animals have died in the wildfires. Wildfire season has not yet peaked and it is expected to get worse.

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