'It’s just been absolute hell' | Moving back into homes damaged by Watson explosion unknown

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HOUSTON — It has been nearly 48 hours since an explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing killed two people and injured nearly 20 others.

The aftermath of the blast continued to affect residents in the Westbranch neighborhood on Saturday evening forced out their homes because of damage.

Some of the homes on several blocks have been damaged to the point where many of the residents can’t stay there.

Watson Explosion Damaged Home


Homeowners have done what they can to secure their property and valuables but many are wondering how long they’ll be out of their homes.

“It’s just been absolute hell,” said homeowner Carole Goff.

Residents like Goff who live behind the Watson facility and blast site are trying to hold it together.

“I’m in shock. I haven’t really cried yet. I’ve teared up every once in awhile, but I’m too busy trying to just get a handle on my house,” Goff said.

She was asleep when the explosion rocked her neighborhood.

“I looked up and my curtains had blown all the way across the room,” she said.

Goff’s lived in the home since 1981 and doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance.

“I’m in bad shape. I mean, bad shape,” Goff said. “I’m not prepared financially for this.”

Her family has rushed in to help secure the home.

It’s a similar scene across the area where more than 200 homes were damaged.

Watson Explosion Damaged Home

Watson Explosion Damaged Home


Christopher Huynh and his girlfriend weren’t home during the explosion, so it’s not easy to wrap their heads around the extent of the destruction.

“It’s kind of hard. It’s still taking time to process and hit us, so it will take some time,” Huynh said.

Watson Explosion Shards of glass on wall

Watson Explosion Shards of glass on wall


Shards of glass piercing the wall show how dangerous this could have been.

“We could have been seriously injured through the whole ordeal that happened,” Huynh said.

Inside Goff’s home, the cleanup is underway and far from over.

Residents like her know their homes are in serious condition, but many don’t know if they’ll ever been able to move back in.

“Never ever in my wildest dreams would I have ever…who would expect this?” Goff said.

The City of Houston and the Red Cross were out walking the community answering questions as to how to move forward and possibly rebuilding.

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