How hurricanes form: WCNC Charlotte Weather School

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The WCNC Weather School is back in session with a free, educational science class about equipment used to observe the weather.

Wednesday’s lesson is about a weather phenomenon common to the Carolinas: hurricanes. Meteorologist Iisha Scott will break down what causes hurricanes to form, how they gain strength and why this year’s season is predicted to be busier than normal. 

WCNC Charlotte’s First Warn Storm Team is helping parents, students, and teachers learn from home with free atmospheric science lessons that can be seen each weekday on the streaming platforms of WCNC Charlotte.

The lessons, which will stream live starting at 1 p.m., will feature a variety of weather lessons and explainers hosted by the WCNC Charlotte weather team.

Join the conversation live to ask questions and be a part of the virtual class.

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Can’t watch it live? The lessons will be available on-demand for playback at anytime.

WCNC Charlotte Weather School can be seen live on, the WCNC mobile news app, the WCNC Charlotte Facebook page, the WCNC Charlotte YouTube page, on Periscope and Twitter, and on our new Twitch channel.

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