Bento Box gives Jim Cantore a snack break during Hurricane Isaias coverage

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Restaurant owner finds famous meterologist between live shots at Wrightsville Beach before Isaias makes landfall

Lee Grossman, owner of the Bento Box in Wilmington, was kind enough to bring Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore and his crew a little snack while they were covering Hurricane Isaias at Wrightsville Beach late Monday afternoon.

“I made him some of our signature rolls and went out and found him at the beach,” said Grossman, who knew that Cantore and his crew probably didn’t have access to the healthiest food choice while actually covering the storm so they thought it would be nice to drop by and share some of their food from the Bento Box.

Grossman and his wife provided a couple of options. The first was the Seriously Salmon — spicy salmon and asparagus inside-out with salmon and avocado on the top. The second was a Pain Roll, with spicy tuna, wasabi-infused caviar, scallions, mango, avocado and rice wrapped in a chili soy sheet and drizzled with chili oil.

The Bento Box had cut back to only curbside service around July 4 because of the increase in cases of COVID-19 and had just reopened the restaurant Monday for inside seating before Isaias started moving into the area. The Bento Box Sushi Bar and Asian Kitchen is located off Military Cutoff Rd in the Forum.