Tornado spawned by Isaias kills two, destroys 10 homes in Bertie neighborhood

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— Two people were killed dead and two children remain unaccounted for after a tornado hit a neighborhood in Bertie County early Tuesday.

Sheriff John Holley said the damage is the worst he’s seen in the 38 years he has worked at the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s bad,” Holley told WRAL News. “It doesn’t look real. It looks like something on TV. Nothing is there.”

Holley said he got a call at about 1:30 a.m. that a tornado hit a neighborhood on Morning Road in the town of Windsor.

“All my officers are down there at this time,” he said. “Pretty much the entire trailer park is gone.”

Holley said the damage is so bad that deputies won’t let anyone get to the neighborhood.

At least 10 homes are gone, and crews couldn’t even reach one home because it was blocked by a tree, he said.

Resident Desaree Pike said she rode out the storm with her two children in a bathroom for a terrifying two minutes. When he emerged from her home, she saw most of the neighborhood in ruins.

“I’ve seen all of my neighbors out and about this morning trying to clean up the debris,” Pike said.

Crews at the scene were searching for missing people and cleaning up the community, which was covered with debris and household items.

“There are still valuables on the ground like generators and guns,” he said. “We’re trying to make sure no one takes anything that isn’t theirs.”

Holley said it’s an emotional scene for his team to work.

“One minute you’re fine, and the next, all hell breaks loose,” he said.

Several miles away, in the parking lot of Abrams BBQ on U.S. Highway 13, a fried chicken food truck was on its side, possibly as a result of the tornado. The restaurant itself was missing an entire side due to wind damage. Inside, chairs were still stacked on tables.

Reports: Homes destroyed, people injured after tornado touched down in Bertie County