Summer showers expected Saturday afternoon, heavy rain and flooding possible threat

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This weekend will be mostly humid with a chance of storms after lunchtime. We are seeing storms roll in like clockwork right around lunchtime because of a stationary boundary overtop of North Carolina, WRAL meteorologist Peta Sheerwood said.

At 3 p.m. Saturday, there is a potential for storms that will continue into the evening.

“We will have to watch some of these storms, because they could put down some heavy rain,” Sheerwood said.

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The storms could bring lightning and strong winds. They are expected to be scattered in nature and should roll our of our viewing area by 9 p.m.

Friday’s storms brought heavy rain and lots of lightning to areas such as Wayne and Sampson counties. The storms did produce some flood advisories, including one for Wayne County that lasted Friday until 10:15 p.m.

Friday’s storms brought heavy rain, lightning

“Whenever you hear thunder, that is the time you need to head inside,” Sheerwood said.

“Be mindful of that as you head out to the pool or even the lake today,” she said.

Saturday night is expected to be quiet. But, the stationary boundary that is bringing us rain isn’t going anywhere.

There is high pressure to the north that is going to influence our rain chances, Sheerwood said.

Overall it will be a warm day on Saturday with high dew points. For the rest of the week, our temperatures will stay around near the 90s.

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Tracking the tropics

There are a couple of disturbances in the tropics that WRAL’s weather team is monitoring but there is nothing that is immediately concerning.

Atlantic Hurricane season has only just begun. The season is expected to peak early September with very high hurricane activity.

Hurricane season is only just beginning.