Tropical depression 14 could be a hurricane when it hits Gulf Coast

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The tropical depression spinning near the Yucatán Peninsula could be a hurricane as it barrels toward the Gulf Coast.

The depression, which could become Tropical Storm Marco by day’s end, is one of two storms brewing during the 2020 hurricane season. Tropical Storm Laura formed overnight just east of the Caribbean Sea and is also projected to target eastern Gulf Coast communities.

Tropical depression 14 still remains below the wind-speed threshold for becoming a named storm, but meteorologists believe it could be a low-level hurricane by the time it makes landfall.

Where the storm will land along the coast remains to be seen. The storm’s center is predicted to touch down anywhere between Corpus Christi and southeast Louisiana.

Experts with the National Hurricane Center have been consistent in predicting landfall sometime early Tuesday.

As for Friday’s forecast, there’s a 20 percent chance of storms with a high of 96 degrees.