Crews successfully energize transmission line after Hurricane Laura, slowly bringing grid back online

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Brownouts related to Hurricane Laura have left tens of thousands of Entergy customers without power.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas — Montgomery County residents should start seeing power restored to their homes soon, according to County Judge Mark Keough.

Keough said Entergy has successfully energized its transmission line that was damaged during Hurricane Laura. 

“They are safely and slowly bringing the grid back online across the county. We all should start to see power restored shortly if not already. Please watch energy consumption for the next few days to ensure we are not putting pressure on the grid as they have to balance the load,”

Montgomery County residents, as well as some living in Chambers, Liberty and Walker counties, were without power for about a day due to brownouts.

Hurricane Laura damaged Entergy’s key transmission lines, conductors, wooden and steel transmission towers that bring electrical power from the east.    

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack said the brownouts were necessary to protect the integrity of the power transmission line.

“If this line were to fail — all of Texas Entergy customers would be without power,” Noack wrote on Facebook. 

Click here to view the Entergy outage map.

Entergy is asking customers in its western area north of Houston to voluntarily reduce their usage of electricity by:

  • Raise the central air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees. Window units should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Use energy efficient electric ceiling fans and portable fans to circulate air and help occupants feel cooler.
  • Close window blinds, drapes and curtains to reduce warming in the home from direct sunlight.
  • Check the air conditioner filter to be sure it is clean.
  • Delay laundering clothes, washing dishes, bathing, etc. until later in the evening or early morning. These activities produce moisture and increase humidity in the house, making the air conditioner work harder.
  • Wash clothes with cold water, cook foods at the lowest possible setting, and resist the temptation to open the oven door while baking.
  • Do not allow cooled air to escape from the home. Check caulking around doors and windows. Close the fireplace damper. Fill holes and gaps where wiring and pipes enter the house.
  • Make sure your clothes dryer and attic are vented properly.

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