Hurricane Laura: Texans being good neighbors as cleanup begins

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Texans stepped up again to help each other and neighbors to the east impacted by Hurricane Laura.

AUSTIN, Texas — As sure as the sun rises, Texans stepped up again to help each other and neighbors to the east impacted by Hurricane Laura.

Texas A&M students and faculty with the Veterinary Emergency Response Team will care for animals.

Houston group CrowdSource uses social media pull together relief efforts.

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Thousands of Texan Southern Baptists will do some heavy lifting, clearing debris and providing food.

“It’s very satisfying to be able to help someone who’s lost a lot or lost nearly everything. Just be there with a helping hand, be a blessing as we all like to put it, whether that’s the chainsaw team cutting a tree off a house or placing a hot meal in someone’s hands, or to just put a hand on someone’s shoulder praying with them – very satisfying,” said Scottie Stice, SBTC Disaster Relief director.

Stice started working with the Christian group 27 years ago.

“We are a network of state teams tightly knit with mutual aid, top agreements in place … We really enjoy the ministry. It’s exciting. It’s a fast pace,” said Stice.

But before you give to any organization, proceed with caution. Verify the group. Watch for fraud.

“When disasters happen, that those type of activities seem to spike,” said Ken Paxton, attorney general of Texas.

Paxton goes after criminals’ money.

“Some of the fines are pretty hefty … to the tune of $250,000,” said Paxton.

If you want to help and don’t know where to start, Stice said what’s needed most doesn’t cost anything.

“Disaster relief ministries always need prayer. I believe the power by prayer more than anything else,” said Stice.


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