New Braunfels businesses headed to southeast Texas to help with hurricane aftermath

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SAN ANTONIO — Thousands are still lights out in the Beaumont area but hopefully, that won’t be the case for much longer, dozens of trucks are staged throughout the city as crews work on the outages across Southeast Texas.

 They’re not the only ones responding to a need in this area. 

Superb Roofing out of new Braunfels is en route to help out with the aftermath.  The small business owners are driving to the Orange area where they’ll be helping homeowners that sustained damage by tarping their roofs while they wait for their homes to be fixed. 

This is not the first time this duo has responded to a hurricane they say their work during hurricane Florence in 2018 inspired them to help again. 

“We saw the devastation that can be brought from it from Hurricane Florence and all the people that were displaced and how bad it was. So we took that learning experience and brought it into our own business and we learned what to have a lot of, tarps, waters, and obviously the knowledge of how to help people,” Josh Janczewski, the owner said.

As for the outage situation in the Beaumont area, Texas Entergy says they still have more than 185,000 people without power in Texas.