Body of 4-year-old boy found 30 yards from sister after both were swept away in Smithfield flash flood

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SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WTVD) — A tragic conclusion came Thursday morning for a family who lost two children during flash flooding in Smithfield.

Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell confirmed search crews found the body of 4-year-old Abraham on Thursday morning. That news came just over 12 hours after crews found the body of his sister, 5-year-old Alexa.

Bizzell said the boy was found about 30 yards from his sister’s location in shallow water.

“We were hoping to have better news, but at least the family will be able to put some of the closure,” Bizzell said.

Bizzell said the outpouring of support and assistance from the community was humbling. He said he wished he had better news to share, but he’s proud of the community coming together during a tough time.

“I can’t imagine either the emotions of the family, of the heartbreak, the hurt, the devastation. It’s been tough on myself; it’s been tough on the deputies,” Bizzell said. “Everybody that I’ve talked to has been in continuous prayer for this family, these kids.”

Abraham and Alexa went missing Monday night into Tuesday morning when fast rising water damaged Galilee Road and pulled the car they were in with their mother off the road.

Rescue crews were able to get the mother to safety, but Abraham and Alexa were nowhere to be found. Days of searching finally revealed that the children were unable to survive.

“We can find some comfort in knowing that they’re in a better place today than we are,” Bizzell said.

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