Texas firefighter reunites with daughter after 25 days battling California wildfires: VIDEO

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A seven-year-old Texas girl couldn’t contain her excitement seeing her dad return after 25 days of fighting wildfires in California.

Adley Blount greeted her dad with a hug and cheers as he arrived home, and the sweet reunion was captured on video.

Quincy Blount of McKinney, Texas, was among the first 44 firefighters sent out to California last month. Now, more than 200 Texas firefighters are helping on the front lines of the various fires burning throughout the state.

While the job is dangerous, Blount does it anyway, saying it’s because of the same golden rule he’s taught his little girl.

“If I were the one who needed the help, I’d want somebody coming to help us, too,” Blount said.

There is a chance Adley’s dad could be called back to California next month.

“I just don’t want him to go cause he’s always there,” the seven-year-old said.

But both the father and daughter agree it makes those “welcome home” hugs even sweeter.

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