Red Cross desperate for volunteers to respond to Hurricane Delta

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— North Carolina has a lot of experience with hurricanes, so the Red Cross is sending local volunteers to help Gulf Coast states hit by Hurricane Delta.

Volunteers have already been on the ground for weeks due to the prior storms this season.

Right now, volunteer relief efforts are focused on life-saving shelter, food and resources for people who are impacted by Hurricane Delta.

“Many of the residents are feeling a lot of fear and anxiety because they just went through this in the past few weeks,” said Cally Edwards, who works with the Red Cross in North Carolina.

It’s not too late to help out. The Red Cross is desperate for volunteers due to the immense amount of storm damage this season.

Locals can help by donating time or money, and some volunteers can even help from right here in North Carolina.

Those who want to help can visit to donate money to help with relief efforts.

People who want to get involved volunteering can go online and take a five-hour training session to get started.