Delta downgraded to Tropical Storm; dumping rain, bringing high winds

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This morning, Delta has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, dumping rain and bringing high winds to parts of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi.

in Louisiana Delta arrived with driving rain in 100 mile per hour winds, battering weather weary cities still recovering from Laura in Lake Charles. Blue tarps covered roof still yet to be repaired. It affects you physically, mentally, psychologically, and then to turn around six weeks later and experience it again is pretty tough. Empty streets and close businesses in Lafayette is delta arrived many towns under mandatory curfews to clear the roads for first responders, delta causing flash floods and plunging the region into darkness. The weather event is impacting our communities and our people as we speak. People in the Pelican State. No strangers toe wild weather, you know, hurricanes or a way of life. Well, Delta was the fourth named Storm to make landfall in Louisiana this year, a new record. But we also know the people of Louisiana and in southwest Louisiana are very tough and resilient and faithful. Onda, We’re gonna get through this, but a hurricane season that seems like it will never end is causing some to reassess. Over the years, I’ve redid everything I own five or six times I’m done fast moving Delta now gone. But for many, here not soon forgotten. Chris Pallone, NBC News, Lafayette, Louisiana,