Trump administration rejects California's request for financial help with wildfires

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LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration has rejected California’s request for federal financial assistance during the state’s worst wildfire season in history.

California is filing an appeal, but Trump’s rejection could leave California struggling to cope with the cost, despite the fact the federal government controls 57% of California’s forested lands.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has estimated potential federal assistance at $346 million, including $200 million for the Creek Fire alone.

Officials could not provide a reason for the federal government’s denial. A major disaster declaration allows for cost-sharing for damage, cleanup and rebuilding between the state and federal governments. It also activates relief programs led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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Cal Fire on Thursday said there are over 9,000 firefighters battling 12 major and eight other large wildfires. The fires have consumed 4.1 million acres.

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