Tropical Storm Zeta setting records this week

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Tropical Storm Zeta formed this morning at 2AM and has tied 2005 for the most named storms during an Atlantic Hurricane Season.


2020 has been a year to remember for obvious reasons but it also memorable for its hurricane season. This morning an infamous record was tied.

Tropical Storm Zeta formed from Tropical Depression Twenty-Eight at 2 AM Sunday morning. This is the 27th named storm so far this season which ties 2005 for the most on record. 

This year is only the second time we have had to move onto the Greek alphabet in history, rivaling the first year that moved onto this auxiliary list that held the record.


  • Delta officially was the 10th storm to make landfall in the United States breaking the previous record set over 100 years ago of 9. Zeta will be the 11th to make landfall.
  • This will be the 5th storm to make landfall in Louisiana. The current forecast has this making landfall in SE Louisiana, similar to what Tropical Storms Cristobal and Marco did. 

Zeta will cross the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico Monday night and will double its speed over the gulf. Landfall is expected Wednesday in Louisiana and we will had remnant rain here in Charlotte Wednesday night to Thursday.

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The Charlotte area will get rain from the Zeta leftovers in a range of 1-2″ mainly. The Mountains could see more but the fast movement of this storm will limit our flooding potential. This will be the 4th remnants of a tropical system we will see in 2 months (Sally, Beta, Delta and soon Zeta). Once this passes colder air will filter in behind a waiting cold front returning us to the 60’s.

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