Comfort Cafe suffers major damage from this morning's flooding rain

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Part of the building ripped off its foundation.

SAN ANTONIO — It only took a few hours for inches of rain to become feet of water near many waterways across Bexar County including the Zarzamora Creek. 

At the Serenity Star Comfort Cafe the money made funds their non-profit recovery program. Everybody working there is in service and all money goes right to the program. A lot of the money was washed away by powerful water that was as high as about four feet.

“We were pretty devastated, but it had flooded in the last rain, big rain, but only like mud on the floor and we cleaned it up in a couple of days,” said Teri Lopez, the co-founder of Serenity Star Comfort Cafe.    

This is going to take a lot longer. On the outside, trees and debris entangled with metal patio furniture. A light post was knocked clear to the ground right where the Zarzamora Creek overflowed its banks early this morning. 

Inside the cafe the water made a quick exit but left behind floor layered in mud, tables, booths, and chairs in every position imaginable, heavy shelves knocked over too. Lopez said, 

“Lifted a refrigerator back there onto the counter,” she said, but there were still things to be grateful for. “Nobody got hurt. Human life is fine. These are things it’s going to take work and we’re going to do it and we’ll get it back up and running.”  

Just like the sign says it will take teamwork to get it all cleaned up. Even though Lopez says she really has no worries that this location will be open again, this set back still hurts because of all of these people she’s trying to help through recovery.

“It is a loss and that brings up every other loss. Right. So we’re going to work on kind of making sure they get through it,” she said. 

If you want to help them recover check out, or you can head to their location that was just opened up a few weeks ago, Los Patios, the address, 2015 NE Loop 410.