Storm floods Texas Capitol building

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“It’s all hands on deck,” Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted.

AUSTIN, Texas — Storms rolled through Austin on Sunday afternoon, triggering a Flash Flood Warning in the area. 

Austin’s metro area was including in the Flash Flood Warning, and even the Texas Capitol building experienced some flooding issues. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on Twitter the State Preservation Board is working with the Governor’s Office as well as all applicable agencies to address flooding at the Capitol stemming from Sunday’s storm in Austin. A spokesperson for the State Preservation Board told KVUE the flooding was caused by a storm water drain getting clogged, backing up water into the capitol extension. The spokesperson also said “water damage has not been fully assessed but at this time the epicenter of the flooding is on the E2.200 and E2.300 hallways.” 

“The flooding involves less than 1” of water in these areas and recovery operations will continue throughout the evening to minimize disruptions to legislative business on Monday,” the State Preservation Board continued it its statement to KVUE.

“It’s all hands on deck,” Abbott continued in the tweet.

“The State Preservation Board Facilities division is responding with all personnel to remove the water and dry out affected areas,” said the State Preservation Board’s spokesperson. 

Videos online showed water falling from the ceiling onto the floor in the Capitol building, which then had accumulated and run over into the hallway.  

KVUE has sent a crew to the scene. 

You can get the latest updates from the storm in our live blog here. The KVUE Storm Team will make updates throughout the day. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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