New Orleans braces for Hurricane Ida as Category 4 storm makes landfall

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NEW ORLEANS — It’s the eerie quiet before the storm. Practically the only sound in the French Quarter in New Orleans is the wind blowing.  You can definitely feel it’s picked up since this morning. 

Many people are on edge as Hurricane Ida approaches on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  That’s because there is still plenty of PTSD from Katrina. Everyone is holding their breath to see if the new and improved levees hold this time.

“We can sum it up to say this will be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit LA since at least the 1850’s,” said Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards. “The people of New Orleans will soon learn if the new levees and flood protection systems are better than the old ones.”

$14.5 billion went to improve the levee system after Katrina. Soon we’ll know if it was enough.

“We’ve vastly improved this levee system since Katrina. We’re pretty confident even with the small jog to the East bank system will hold,” according to Gov. Edwards. 

Many here now in New Orleans wondering if they will be facing more monster storms more often.