'Gotta love Texas': TikTok sparks debate on Whataburger being open during tropical storm

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If there’s one thing Texas can always count on, it’s Whataburger.

Recently, a viral TikTok touched on how Whataburger stays open during harsh weather. Remember MySA’s story of when the fast-food chain stayed open during the Texas winter storm in San Antonio? We do.

User @littlehellion8 posted her video of a long line at one Deer Park Whataburger on Monday, September 13, when a Category 1 Hurricane Nicholas was heading toward Houston. Deer Park isn’t far from H-town, about 20 miles east of the city.

Hurricane Nicholas weakened into a tropical depression on Tuesday, September 14, before it blew over southeastern Texas and Louisiana, drenching both states with flooding rains. It knocked out power in a half-million homes and businesses and dumped more than a foot of rain, according to the Associated Press.

In the TikTok clip, the user wrote, “when there’s a tropical storm come and only Whataburger has your back! Everything else is closed. Gotta love Texas!” The video garnered lots of attention, receiving more than 350,000 views and about 37,000 likes. 

The comments in the video fired up mixed reactions of those who appreciated Whataburger being open to those who felt bad for the employees working during a storm.

“Whataburger will never turn its back on TEXAS,” stewartrobby commented.

“Whataburger gonna come through every time,” Jdanae1982 added.

“ooohh I feel sorry for the workers,” pawohla stated.

“I use to work at Whataburger and we would still have to work in the worst weather conditions,” marshmallow_171 wrote. “It was the worst thing ever.”

You can watch the TikTok below:

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