Victor is the next name up this hurricane season

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Two of the three waves being tracked have now weakened leaving one with a solid shot to become our 20th named storm of the season

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Hurricane Sam continues to maintain its major hurricane status in the Atlantic. Sam rapidly intensified to a major hurricane over the past weekend weekend. The fourth major hurricane of the season latest advisory shows maximum sustained winds of 130 mph (Low end category 4) as it moves to the northwest.. It will luckily pass safely east of Bermuda but the island could endure some heavy rain and storms from the outer bands.

Hurricane Larry was a major hurricane for 4.5 days lasted a grand total of 9.25 days. Sam is forecasted to maintain major hurricane status up until Saturday which would surpass Larry.

Other than Sam, there are three areas of interest to watch. A low pressure system associated with the remnants of Peter is located southeast of Bermuda. There is a small, limited potential for development over the next 5 days.

There are three waves that have a shot to be named. As mentioned in the tweet above, there are only two names that are left on the seasons list. This season will go down as the 3rd most active season on record. It is far from the strongest but the number of storms has already made 2021 historic. 

There are two tropical disturbances in the central-east Atlantic Ocean. The first is a broad area of low pressure moving westward. Slow, gradual development (80%) is possible over the next few days.

Lastly, we have the newest tropical wave off the west coast of Africa. Right now, the National Hurricane Center is giving it a 90% chance of development.

Again the plots are showcasing a turn out to see for these waves. The one closer to Sam has about a 30% shot to keep rolling west which would be better for its track to effect land and we don’t want that. They will be watched but as of right now they are trending in the right direction.

The leftovers from Peter is still turning in the Atlantic and has a shot to form into a depression at least. 

NOTE: If you are wondering when Teresa formed? It happened over the weekend and turned post-tropical within 24 hours. 

Ever since Ida, all storms have formed out in the Atlantic and most have been short lived. Larry and Sam were the 3rd and 4th major hurricanes of the season. 

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