NC State dorm floods after accidental sprinkler activation, over 400 students forced out

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— Flooding in Metcalf Residence Hall at North Carolina State University is forcing hundreds of students out of their dorms Monday night.

University officials told WRAL News a student accidentally activated the sprinkler, injuring that student and forcing more than 400 other students to find somewhere else to stay.

This chaotic scene forced students to wait hours to get inside and retrieve their belongings. Some students told WRAL News their stuff was ruined.

All this happened just days before the start of Thanksgiving break.

NC State student Ian Davis lives two floors down from where the sprinkler burst open.

“Not the way to start a week,” said Davis. “I was on the phone with my dad and all of sudden the fire alarm went off.”

Daniella Danquah says she was in the middle of a nap.

“We heard this exaggerated shower just out of nowhere. Then I look at the suite in front of us, the boy’s suite where it happened, I see them all scrambling around. One comes out drenched,” said Danquah

NC State workers gave students about five hours to grab personal items.

“I was in class and my roommate called me and asked ‘do you have any valuables that you want me to get?’ that you want me to grab?” said Kristen Beane, NC State Student

An inconvenience for Davis.

“I’m stranded. I had no clue what to do for four hours,” said Davis.

Others found light in the situation.

“I’m glad it happened now rather than a month later,” said Dakota Rose, NC State Student. 

NC State officials said 30 students chose to stay elsewhere on campus while the others went home for break.

The college advised students to check with their parent’s homeowner insurance policy to see if damaged goods are covered.

The residence hall is closed through Thanksgiving break. Students can do an inventory once it opens again.