Volunteers help victims after deadly tornados

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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Local Red Cross volunteers are on the ground in Kentucky helping the area recover from deadly tornados.

Cape Fear Red Cross Executive Director James Jarvis left for counties surrounding Mayfield, Kentucky less than a week ago. Since then, he and his team of 14 volunteers from our area have helped house and feed thousands.

With about 77 people dead from the twisters, Jarvis and volunteers are hoping to continue supplying relief and help.

“I’m surprised anybody survived this,” Jarvis said in a Zoom interview from Kentucky. “When you think about the tornados that came through here, in Dawson springs for example, there is devastation… if you can imagine a tornado that was close to a mile wide on the ground  for 200 miles. And so, everything in it’s path was just flattened.”

Jarvis and his group plan to help rebuild and supply victims with basic necessities on the ground until early next week.