As Texans clean up after tornadoes, full repairs may take weeks or months

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Roofing companies have gotten calls non-stop since Monday. If homeowners go through insurance, repairs may take longer.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — Monday’s tornadoes ripped apart homes and tore off roofs. Since the start of the week, roofing and restoration companies have had constant calls.

“Homeowners should look at about two to four weeks if they’re going through insurance,” Nick Berry, owner of Wolf of Roofing in Leander, estimated. “They’re already working claims from that [hail] storm [last year] and then now they have this tornado ahead of them as well. So they are booked up, and that’s what holds us up the most.”

“It’s probably going to be a few months before you can, you know, run down the street and, you know, not realize that there’s been a tornado threat recently,” Hunter Price, owner of Valhalla Roofing in Round Rock, estimated.

Price and Berry agree, getting roofing supplies is actually not much of a challenge. The delay in getting jobs done comes from the spike in insurance claims because of the tornadoes.

“It does take some time. You know, we’ve got to get to everybody. And, you know, things do get backed up,” Price said.

They both say there have been supply chain issues over the past year or so, but those challenges have tapered off in recent months.

“Due to the shortage, if you are new construction or you’re in a standard way, you’re going to be OK. Those require weather-wood or driftwood shingles and our suppliers are working nonstop to keep those on the shelf for us,” Berry said. “Outside of that, if you’re wanting a high impact shingle or maybe a certain color, you may not be able to get that right now.”

Dozens of homes across Williamson County were damaged, some destroyed. With so much devastation, the City of Round Rock sent out staff volunteers to inspect housing structures. Many homeowners across the city and county already had roofing and restoration signs dotting their lawns as companies claim contracts and get called by insurance companies.

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