Flooding in Monroe leaves residents seeking solutions

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Union County residents are looking for answers after their community continues to flood.

MONROE, N.C. — Some residents in Union County are knee-deep in water after rainfall on Wednesday, but they say it’s been going on for years. 

If you ask Union County resident, Charles Holt, he’ll tell you this problem runs deep. He says this problem has been going on for five to six years.

He said the water pooling on the ground outside his home runs even deeper.  

As rain continues to fall, gallons and gallons of water are collected and spilled into the road. Holt said concerns for safety are at the surface. 

Trucks or cars, vehicles coming through here hydroplaning having a bad accident,” Holt said.

He tried to get to the bottom of the problem for years. Holt said he contacted NCDOT and filed reports over the years. NCDOT Spokesperson Jen Thompson said there are reports of the filings. She said the department did come out to investigate. 

“We do have a pipe in the area and it is flowing fine,” Thompson said.

She said NCDOT placed signs to warn drivers of the high and potentially dangerous water. Thompson claims it’s not a problem with NCDOT’s pipe.  

The water is happening offsite from where hat pipe is located,” Thompson said.

She said it’s somewhere upstream and the runoff is pooling outside Holt’s house. She said the location is out of NCDOT’s control and jurisdiction. 

“You have to find out who owns the land and if there’s anything that can be done to mitigate the issue,” Thompson said. 

Holt said his home and this road are outside of Monroe City Limits so it could fall under Union County. WCNC Charlotte reached out to the county about the issue. 

A spokesperson for the county said it’s looking into the problem and will provide detailed information Thur. Jan. 25. 

“There’s been times where it’s been 6-8 inches flowing over top of the road,” Holt said.

Holt said as the rain continues to fall, this issue is just getting deeper.  

Hoping we can down to the bottom of the problem,” Holt said.