'My family was terrified' | Round Rock residents left with extensive damage after hailstorm

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Some of the largest hailstones were the size of a baseball.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — Round Rock residents are picking up the pieces after Sunday night’s hailstorm.

The storm ripped through Central Texas, starting north of Georgetown and into South Austin, producing a swath of hail that went more than 30 miles. Some of the largest hailstones were the size of a baseball.

“My family was terrified,” homeowner Robert Jett said. “And my poor little dog did not know what to do.”

If you drive through the Old Town Meadows area, you’ll see the scene of constant clean-up. Neighbors were spotted raking leaves, towing their cars and cleaning up glass left behind from shattered windshields.

Brittany Hare said she’s seen her fair share of extreme weather already.

“We’ve barely been here a year, and this is the second time we’ve already got hail and hail damage,” Hare said. 

Jett and Hare are both dealing with damaged cars in the aftermath of the storm. Jett can’t start one of his cars because it has water in the electrical system.

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“It took out all the windows, it busted the back panel in the car, the car is totally totaled,” Jett said. “Every few inches, there’s hail damage, knocked out the lights. Financially, it all worries me cause my wife and I are retired and we live on a low income, so to get this all done, it’s going to be rough.”

Meanwhile, Hare and her partner skipped work to get their cars towed. 

“One of them’s my brother’s car,” Hare said. “I’m borrowing right now, so just kind of worried about how we’re going to handle rental cars so we can get back to work type thing.”

Residents say they’re managing Mother Nature’s cost while also staying resilient. It’s the outlook of neighbors who are building back what they have lost.

Round Rock officials warn residents that as they deal with repairs to their property, there are also tips for filing claims and avoiding fraud. Learn more.

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