Researchers say wildfires in NC will likely only get worse. Here's why

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As droughts become more severe and more frequent, it could mean more wildfires in the mountains.

Let’s connect the dots. 

Climate change could be making wildfires larger and stronger. Researchers at NC State University found the more extreme and frequent droughts in the Carolinas will increase how much of the forest will burn by 2100.

Researchers said anywhere between 230 to 3,100 square miles of forest could burn every decade for the next 80 years.

It’s not just forests that will take a hit.

Researchers also found climate warming would increase upward of 13 degrees, based on the greenhouse gas emissions released in the fires.

Researchers say the goal isn’t to scare people. They want to use the information to create plans for development, and inform firefighters and forest management of future trends.

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