Flooding in South Florida grounds flights, strands Saint Augustine student and others

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Air travelers are still facing delays and cancellation across the U.S. in the wake of severe weather that hammered South Florida this week.

The ripple effect is causing headaches for passengers nationwide.

Amani Armstrong and Kyle Daquanna finally touched down after a long travel day.

Their flight from Tampa was just one of many hours delayed due to the South Florida storms.

“It’s like one after another after another. The one before us was late,” Kyle Daquanna, the traveler, said. “We got on our plane 45 minutes late, then it’s lightning, then another one,”

The flash flooding and heavy rain that began Wednesday in South Florida caused a domino effect, pushing back flights at airports across the country.

Stephanie Bryant, hoping to reach Detroit Thursday night, has already seen her flight delayed three times.

“Get there maybe 11:30, but that’s the third delay, so we’ll see,’ Stephanie Bryant, traveler, said.

Tishon Leary, a Saint Augustine student, is stuck in Miami after her flight to Raleigh-Durham was canceled on Wednesday.

“I tried to find hotels closer to the airport, but I couldn’t find anything,” Tishon Leary, traveler, said.

Unable to find a hotel room near the airport, she faced another cancellation this morning, one of over a hundred at the Miami airport alone.

“And I had to pay over 400 dollars for food, hotel, finding a ride because they have no shuttles to the airport,” Leary said.

For those fortunate enough to finally arrive at their destinations, the feeling is one of relief and exhaustion.

Eden Bormes summed it up perfectly: “Tired and happy to be home.”