Florence who? Wilmington Waffle House cooks on

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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It may be getting bad out there, but one place is not backing down.

Waffle House in downtown Wilmington is buzzing with customers trying to get one last meal in before the hurricane.

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The restaurant was packed with people Thursday afternoon, and servers have been brought in to work from locations all over the southeast.

One server tells us she is one of just three employees who actually works at this location.

She says Waffle House never closes, and this time is no different.

“It is mass chaos,” Desiree Trimble said. “We’re the only place that’s open. All the gas stations are closed. Everything. And Waffle House never shuts down. never. And we’re open. And we’re gonna be open.”

Trimble says her manager has spent thousands of dollars to bring in employees from other locations. She says they plan to stay open tomorrow, too, with or without power.