Hurricane Florence looting begins

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– As if the hurricane wasn’t bad enough, looters have already begun to target businesses left alone during Hurricane Florence’s assault on the Carolina coast.

Officers were called to the Family Dollar on 13th Street and Greenfield Street in downtown Wilmington where windows had been busted in. They tell FOX 46 that all of the damage to the store wasn’t storm damage, it was “people damage.”

Inside the store, broken glass littered the floor, shelves were damaged, and what little items remained were left scattered.

Authorities told FOX 46 they did have video evidence that was being reviewed in order to identify those responsible of taking advantage of a terrible situation.

 Thousands of people living near North Carolina’s rising rivers were ordered evacuated Saturday as hurricane-turned-tropical storm Florence practically parked itself over land and poured on the rain Saturday, raising fears that the state could be in for the most destructive flooding in its history.

Officials say three more people have died in North Carolina as a result of Florence, bringing death toll to 11, 10 in North Carolina and one in South Carolina.