Trees toppled across Charlotte area as Florence…

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– All over the Charlotte area on Friday, trees small and large were falling, taking power lines down with them, crushing homes, and even cars. 

At the Paces Apartments in Matthews, two cars were completely smashed by a large tree that came tumbling down on top of them. 

Nearby in Mecklenburg County, a man told FOX 46 what it was like when a massive tree came crashing into his home while he was there. 

“Last night I was watching a movie and my wife was in the room, my kids were in there playing games, and it just sounded like a car crashing when it hit the top of the house,” Jay Anderson said. “First thing I did was ask everybody if they were ok, then I just came outside, and saw the tree down and the power lines down.” 

He says tree trimmers won’t be able to get back to the house to assess the damages and begin the removal process until Monday.

Further west in Gastonia, two trees broke and fell in between two homes, the families narrowly avoiding serious damage.  

To the south, a woman’s home was hit hard by a huge tree at Mill St. and Curtis St. in Rock Hill. Luckily the woman was on the other side of her house when the tree fell and she was uninjured. The fire department said it will take several days until the tree is full removed. 

Another family in Rock Hill wasn’t so lucky. Their home was deemed uninhabitable after a tree came down hard on it.