Pee Dee River runs over in Cheraw, floods roads

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– The Pee Dee River, which extends into both North Carolina and South Carolina, experienced flooding.

In our area, Cheraw was the most impacted by the body of water. Latest numbers show the river got as high as 46-feet in the town. It starts to flood at 30-feet.

“I wanted to come check it out, it’s history,” said a woman who stopped by the river to get a glance. “It’s never been this high before since I was alive, we’re hearing it hasn’t been this high since the 1940s.”

Hundreds of people across the town went to the local boat landing to check out the overflowing water. It covered nearby parking lots, partially submerged trees and topped picnic shelters.

First responders were prepared to start evacuations in the event that the water levels continued to rise, but it didn’t come to that. The river has started to recede and is expected to get back to normal levels by the end of the weekend.

People feared river flooding due to Hurricane Florence, which later downgraded to a tropical storm. They still are in disbelief at the flooded river.

“Every time it comes up, we come up here and look at it. Had to come see this one,” said another onlooker.