Two times in two years: Residents regain normalcy following flooding along Rockfish Creek

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Following Florence, Rockfish Creek in Cumberland County spilled its banks for the second time in two years.

LaShe’t Hackett has lived on Pennystone Drive for several years. She said floodwaters from Rockfish Creek kept here out of her home for more than a year following Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.

But this time, the water did not get in her home. The water came close though, covering about half of her backyard.

Hackett said residents learned valuable lessons from Matthew, like to raise their backyard air conditioning units that flooded.

“They built this after Matthew,” she said of her now-raised air conditioning unit. “It was down on the ground, so it was completely covered during Matthew.”

On Wednesday, mail trucks were running on Pennystone Drive, even though there’s not much to deliver.

“They said that we’re supposed to be getting some maybe today or tomorrow, so hopefully it’ll start trickling in,” said Crystal Horton, who works for the United States Postal Service. “We got some parcels from Amazon, so that was a plus.”

As things start to return to normal residents are counting their blessings and their luck.

“Never thought that I would have this happen. Not even the first one, but two times in two years. Very scary,” Hackett said.