Flooding concerns as chunk of Lenoir County may become an island

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Volunteers at the Civil Air Station are giving away free food and cases of water to people in southern Lenoir County.

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That part of the county is among the hardest hit.

About 400 people in the southern region remain without power, a significant drop from 7,500 people total at the height of the storm.

The biggest concern is the Neuse River’s slow but steady rise.

Officials warn the river will crest to more than 24 feet by Saturday.

“I’m just overwhelmed right now to see how much it has risen,” said Yvette Jackson.

Jackson, and neighbors like her, are worried more homes will sit under water.

The dog park in Kinston looks more like waterfront property.

Major thoroughfares, such as Highway 11-55 and 58, which connect the northern part of the county to the south, is shut down.

Right now, Highway 258 is the last access point from north to south.

But officials said that highway will flood in the next 24 hours.

County leaders have prepared for South Lenoir County to become an island.

South Lenoir High School has become a field hospital for those who may need medical service, and volunteers at the Civil Air Patrol Station will be handing out water and food through the rest of the week.

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