Spring Lake looks to rebuild after Florence

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The Cumberland county town of Spring Lake has lifted its curfew but town officials are still warning residents to be cautious as damage from Florence is widespread.

Early Friday, there was a line outside the Spring Lake Fire Department as town officials handed out the basics to those suffering after the storm. Some of the items included food, baby supplies and cleaning supplies.

The need highlights how much people lost in this storm.

In Spring Lake residents who live in low-lying areas that are close to the Little River bore the brunt of the storm.

When Hurricane Matthew came through a couple years ago, it wasn’t so bad. So, Jim Hickson thought Florence would be the same.

But the most recent storm sent him running for his life.

“I saw the water coming up, so I got my son and got out of here,” he said.

He’s not sure what can be saved now – if anything.

He’s not even sure if he can return.

On Bragg Boulevard, Izdihar Eaton turned her building inside out – to dry it out.

The flooding inside was literally up to her eyeballs, because she stands 5-feet-7-inches and the water reached almost as high.

In one local building, there were six different businesses, including a gym and a coffee shop. The front portion was remodeled just two months ago.

Eaton say they will not have to gut the entire building. She hopes to have the gym back open by the start of next month. The other parts of the building could take a lot longer.