Abbott v. Valdez

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– this week’s panel: Jessica Colon – Republican strategist, Nyanza Moore – progressive commentator and Houston attorney, Bob Price – Associate Editor Breitbart Texas,  Tony Diaz- Chicano educator and activist,  Tomaro Bell – Super Neighborhood leader, Bill King – businessman, columnist and former Kemah Mayor, join Greg Groogan in a recap of the Texas gubernatorial debate between Governor Greg Abbott and Democratic candidate Lupe Valdez.

Democratic Candidate Lupe Valdez and incumbent Governor Greg Abbott went toe to toe in the first and only debate Friday night at the University of Texas LBJ library. Moderators touched on multiple core issues immigration, education, Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and gun legislation.

Governor Abbott held his ground on continuing to enforce strict border security.

Meanwhile Valdez argued Texas dollars need to be spent fixing the immigration system. 

The first question asked was whether or not teachers should be armed, a question prompt after recent mass school shootings. Abbott talked about his roundtable discussions and said schools should decide how they plan to protect their students.

It’ll be the largest crowd for former Dallas County Sheriff Valdez who’s currently under-polled and underfunded.

— Natalie Martinez (@NatalieOnFOX7) September 28, 2018

Valdez argued teachers have are underpaid, overworked and shouldn’t be carrying a gun.

It’ll be interesting to hear how Valdez and Abbott answer questions on immigration where the two are polar opposites on what’s best for Texas.

— Natalie Martinez (@NatalieOnFOX7) September 29, 2018

The two disagreed about what has been done and still needs to be done about Hurricane Harvey aftermath. Both candidates agreed marijuana should be accessible for medical use in Texas.

According to several notable polls, Abbott leads by a double digit margin.