Soshe the dog was floating on couch a week after owner escaped Florence, video shows

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Braving neck-high waters last month, rescuers from Missouri saved Soshe the dog from floodwaters in Pender County, North Carolina, video shows.

And when they found Soshe — a week after its owner had evacuated because of Hurricane Florence — the pup was floating on a couch inside her house to survive, according to WHAS11. The owner had called rescue teams asking for help because she was trapped after fleeing to Wilmington and had left Soshe back home.

The owner gave a call to the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team, which ended up saving her beloved dog from likely death, Fox8 reported. That team spent around 10 days helping rescuing and transporting animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence’s powerful floods, according to PEOPLE Magazine. It was a team of nine people, WHAS11 reported.

The rescue happened on Sept. 21, according to ABC News, but video of it has just started to circulate online.

The first two attempts to save Soshe failed because the high flood waters made it impossible to determine which house the dog was inside, the video says. And the boat broke down on the third try — but the rescuers paddled and managed to find the house.

Soshe was barking when the rescuers approached the house, according to the video. A pair of rescuers are seen kicking down the front door — and Soshe, who had been riding out the storm on the couch, paddled towards them and into the arms of safety.

The grateful pup feasted on some much-needed food after the rescue, the video shows.

And thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response Team, Soshe’s owner now has the dog safe and sound, PEOPLE Magazine reported.