Matthew, Florence, now Michael: Storm-damaged Robeson County braces for more

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— Parts of Robeson County are still in recovery mode after Hurricane Florence forced the Lumber River over its banks less than a month ago. Now residents face another flooding threat from Hurricane Michael.

Wanda Locklear and her husband were among the only residents of National Avenue in Lumberton who braved Hurricane Florence. They had just finished repairs to the damage Hurricane Matthew wrought in 2016. After Florence, their new siding, new windows and new floors will have to be redone again.

Although Hurricane Michael is days away, Locklear’s anxiety is on high alert.

“I was watching it on the news channel, and he was talking about it might come through Florida and come up through Mississippi, but still we’re going to get some of the rain and stuff off of it. I don’t even know if the river will be about to hold it because it’s still high,” she said.

Outside her home, the street is lined with piles of debris, flood damage done by Hurricane Florence. What once was a thriving neighborhood with kids playing in the street now looks like a ghost town.

Locklear says she and her husband are too old to pack up and leave everything behind. So they’re fixing up after Florence and keeping a watchful eye on Michael.

The big question is how much rain will fall and whether it will force the Lumber River over its banks and into the lives of so many who have already endured two hurricanes in two years.