Minor flooding, roof damage from Michael in downtown Wilmington

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Roofing damaged from storm winds (Andrew James/WWAY News)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Michael’s winds brought a scare to some patrons in downtown Wilmington Thursday afternoon. The storm had small but noticeable impacts of around the area.

“I thought everything was going to go to the north and go completely around us,” said Brandon Riggan. I figured that we might get a little wind but not enough to start ripping the roof off again.”

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Riggan owns the Level 5 rooftop bar. All afternoon the aluminum covers over the bar were being peeled back because of Michael’s winds.

“There were some flashbacks I would say from last month,” said Brian DiGorgi who works at Crust along Princess Street.

DiGorgi had to jump into action with his coworkers to wrestle a large roof tarp that blew off of the Beer Barrio and landed on the Regan’s truck.

“When I looked out the window there was this enormous tarp, said Amy Regan. “I don’t know probably twenty, forty feet long atop of my husband’s truck.”

One person was hit by the tarp, but not seriously hurt. The rooftop bar will hold for now, but it’s even more work for folks like Riggan.

“Zero income coming in but a lot of bills that are coming out.”

Riggan tells us that they are trying to work with the city to bring the equipment in to fix the building. He says little progress is being made.