FW homeowners fear rain will cause further damage

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– People in an East Fort Worth neighborhood who’ve been dealing with recent flooding are keeping a close eye on this round of rain.

Constant rain and flooding has residents in this area of East Fort Worth frustrated. This weekend will bring another mess.

Julie Amendola is scanning her property for anything positive after weeks of rain and flooding. A few feet from the greening grass, her retention ponds are overflowing. Julie and many of her neighbors blame the flooding on runoff from two new housing developments going up next to them.

“It’s come down Randoll Mill Road,” she said. “The engineer told me blockage in a pipe further down let the water come back this way and filled the entire pond. It’s brown. It’s construction water.”

A couple weeks ago, neighbor Mark Singletary spoke with FOX 4. He put up a giant video warning about the flooding at Randoll Mill Road and Cooks Lane.

Amendola thinks she’s catching some of the worst of it. She owns Trinity River Farm. Riding lessons and group events can’t go on because of muddy pastures and picnic areas. The riding arena is ruined. It’s being leveled out and needs to be resurfaced with sand. The horses stay in the stalls where it’s dry.

Amendola has taken some preventive measures with water barriers along the street. She says that’s where the flooding is coming from not the river behind her property.

“When we’ve had river floods, you could have a river flood one month and not another for 2-3 years,” she said. “This has been happening weekly or every 2 weeks dealing with devastations as bad as we had with a river flood.”

Amendola says she knows more rain is on the way but she has to keep patching and repairing taking it one day at a time until her property is able to dry out.

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