Turkey displaced from Hurricane Florence runs 'afoul' in Fayetteville man's yard

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Halloween is the time where many of us are on the lookout for the gouls and goblins but Robbie Page has been dealing with a pesky poultry-giest that’s been running afoul for weeks now.

“You don’t normally see a hen by themselves,” said Page

Page says the wild turkey trotted in during Hurricane Florence, likely separated from her flock during the floods.

“She’s a survivor,” said Page

The turkey took shelter underneath a power shed for a couple of days but eventually, the hen made a home for herself in Page’s yard.

“I don’t like birds, everyone knows I’m scared to death of birds,” said Page.

The two definitely didn’t jive at first.

“If I’m going to leave for work, she’ll run after you as long as you’re facing her, she’s fine,” he said.

While Robbie’s away at work, the Turkey lurks the yard, sticking closely to Robbie’s car.

“She can see her reflection and probably thinks its another turkey..might be lonely,” he said.

Typically only one turkey gets a pardon, usually from the president. Despite her name, ‘Drumstick’ is now a friend and not food.

“I always liked turkey legs. Even though she probably won’t ever be one,” Page said.

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