Relentless rains bring constant flooding to Hope Mills residents

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Hurricane Florence was probably the last time you saw minor to moderate flooding but unfortunately, Alexander Moore is used to it.

“I’ve been here 16 years and every time we get a big rain, the water just settles here,” said Moore.

During Hurricane Florence and Matthew, Moore suffered several feet of flood waters and with only three and a half inches of rain this week alone, it won’t be long before his yard looks like that again.

“Still that water is like up to my knees. It’s hard for me to get in and out. Go to appointments and stuff like that, still, I tread through the water and do what I gotta do,” said Moore.

Drivers were forced to do their best. Other than a few cones blocking Deavers circle, Rockfish Road was still open despite several inches of flood waters.

“I woke up one morning with a truck parked in the ditch when they don’t slow down and hit this water, ” said Moore

Moore believes the flooding stems from a drainage issue in which he’s pleaded with the Department of Transportation to dig the ditches deeper.

“I think its going in one ear and out the other…It’s frustrating, very frustrating,” said Moore.

ABC11 reached out to the DOT who said they cleaned the overgrowth in the ditch earlier this year. While that hasn’t seemed to fix the problem, they plan to conduct a study that will determine whether a pipe can be placed underneath Rockfish Road to drain the excess water.

Until the study is complete it’s a “wading” game and waiting.

“It takes about four or five days, a good week for the water to run off,” said Moore.

There is no timetable just yet for the when the DOT will complete the study.

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